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AI workstation

Alpha Series

The Alpha Series is an ideal workstation for entering the world of AI.

It offers outstanding performance and unparalleled quality.

We showcase AI workstations with powerful capabilities that empower people to live smart like never before.


Engineering powerful AI functions into a small cube, the power is beyond its modest form.

Alpha Tall

An ultra-modern AI workstation with everything you need!

Edge Device

Atom Series

The most advanced embedded microcomputers for all your various AI applications.

Its elegant, compact and easy-to-install design provides significant computing power in a lightweight package.

Atom Nano

Best choice for entering the world of AI.

Atom NX

Delivering on the high performance requirements demanded by edge computing

Atom NX Industrial

Industrial-grade specifications to accelerate industrial upgrading.

Nilvana™ Stack

Embark on your AI journey.

Why choose nilvana™?

We have global certifications & assurances to provide only present the best products to you.


nilvana™ is comprised of professional and experienced teams specialized in Cloud technology and machine learning.


We provide the flexible AI frameworks for either entry-level or experienced users.


Redefined image and quality of AI tech with aesthetics and outstanding craftsmanship.

Art & Craftsmanship

We vertically integrated the processes of complex AI technology for you, so that users can just work once upon receiving the products.


We see the user-experience as a key value of nilvana™.

User Orientation