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AI workstation

Alpha Series

The Alpha Series is an ideal workstation for entering the world of artificial intelligence.

Providing outstanding performance and unparalleled quality.

This AI workstation possesses compelling functions.

Offering people the unprecedented capability to enjoy an intelligent lifestyle.


Beyond Standard Practice.
Integrating powerful AI functions into a compact cube.

Alpha Tall

Formidable expandability.
Supplying all the necessities for complex AI functions.

Edge Device

Atom Series

The most advanced embedded microcomputer!

Developed to guide you through various AI applications.

Hosts a compact design, is easy to install, and features supreme operational capabilities.

Atom Nano

Best choice for entering the world of AI.

Atom NX

Offers high performance essential for edge computing.

Atom NX Industrial

Industrial-grade specifications to accelerate industrial upgrading.

Nilvana™ Stack

Start your AI journey.

Why choose nilvana™?

Our global certification along with our warranty instills and assures our confidence in our product quality.


nilvana’s software/hardware teams bring forth experience and professionalism to assist you with technical support.


We provide an agile AI framework to both beginners and experienced users.


Form Merges with Function. Redefining advanced technology by fusing it with aesthetically pleasing hardware.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Intricate and complex environments required for AI technologies are now accessible with a simple setup.


User experience is a fundamentally imperative core value to nilvana.