Nilvana™ Vision Inference Runtime

The Best Helper for Model Optimization, Application Deployment

Before AI models go online...

Does compressing models and optimizing them bother you?

"Because the model is too big for the edge device, it takes a lot of time for adjusting and shifting, as well as ensuring that the model can maintain a certain level of performance at low power consumption..."

Optimized and Accelerated for NVIDIA, INTEL® OPENVINO™ Environment

Aside from lightweighting the model and reducing resource requirements on the edge devices, it is also optimized for NVIDIA GPUs and Intel® OpenVINO™ chipsets to bring high performance to various AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) applications.

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Tired of memorizing so many instructions and steps for deploying models?

"Every time I deploy a model, I have to modify the script or type in commands to do it. I have been wondering if there is an easier deployment tool?"

No command, No code for Inferencing

No need to write and modify model inference code, just enable the model API endpoint through the graphical interface settings to speed up model deployment time and start solving problems with the model in practice.

Webhook integration settings are also available to allow you to automatically send model inference information to another application.

Flexible Deployment on the Edge and in the Cloud

With NVIDIA GPUs, it can be installed and launched immediately on any PC, workstation, x86, ARM, or cloud server. Enjoy a platform-independent experience.

Having trouble switching between models based on applications at any time?

"Owing to site constraints, my production line can only have a small number of edge devices for inference, but every now and then the line needs to produce a different product. Is there a convenient way to switch models so that I can switch to different models for different products?"

Easily Switch and Manage Detection Project Models

By enabling/disabling the model API endpoint, you can quickly switch between your AI applications or enable multiple AI inspection models at the same time.

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