Nilvana™ AI Software
True No-code environment

It can help you to complete AI applications and save your development time effectively.
AI Model Development Tool

The All-in-One tool for data management, multi-labeling, model training and model inference. Powerful features such as machine annotation and data augmentation are included to save 80% of your annotation time.

Highly Integratable Face Recognition Engine

Requires only a name and a few photos to construct an exclusive facial recognition model in an instant, without any concern for personal privacy. Open API is provided to facilitate secondary development, making facial recognition applications no longer difficult.

The Best Helper for Model Deployment
Vision Inference Runtime

No need to write and modify model inference code, simply activate model API endpoints through GUI settings.

The Convenient Object Recognition Application

Capture image, annotate, and infer with the best tool to help you develop and deploy object recognition.

Multi-development Software Integration System

Provides popular AI framework environment and JupyterLab extensions. Designed for professionals and engineers in the field of AI system integration.