Nilvana™ Stack

Guiding You to the AI World!

Nilvana™ Stack closes the gap between you and AI so that you can enjoy the benefits of AI even without writing a single line of code.

Satisfy Different Task Demands

Nilvana™ Stack provides you all the necessary AI software and a popular AI framework.


Model development tool

Vision Studio

Out-of-the-Box software includes data management, real-time multi-user annotation, model training, and model inference.

The simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive graphical interface allows you to complete on-the-fly machine annotation, data augmentation, and other powerful functions with just one click.

Software Kits Introduction

Face Enrollment

An exclusive facial recognition model can be created with just a name and several photos without the risk of leaking personal privacy data. The open API is convenient for secondary development, reducing the difficulty of facial recognition application.

Gate Keeper

Deployment of edge devices in the actual field helps establish enterprise-class face enrollment for management. Elaborate record and management backgrounds meet your demands for various application scenarios.

Facial Camera

Thanks to the face enrollment kit, instant recognition of regular customers from the webcam is super simple now.

Deep Cutter

The perfect computer visual application provides one-click background removal feature backed by AI technology so that you can bring your creativity into full play without expertise.


The tool most familiar to data scientists is highly integrated with common AI frameworks, including Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, MXNet, etc., to meet various development requirements and simplify the burden of establishing a development environment.

The best workstation preloaded with nilvana™ Stack.


Beyond the ordinary.
Integrating powerful AI functions into a small cubic design.

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Alpha Tall

Strong expansion flexibility.
Provides you with all the necessary AI functions.

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