Deep Detector

The Simple and Convenient Object Recognition Application

When developing object recognition applications, it is always desirable to...

Have tools that allow user to focus on model training.

"Image data acquisition and management, annotation tool installation, real-time processing of streaming images from webcams, writing inference code... These development processes always takes a lot of time, is there a faster and easier way to help the user simply focus on model training?"

Image Capture, Annotation, and Inference in One Package

Lightweight and fast, the best helper for developing and deploying object recognition.

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Simple Real-time Image Recognition, API Endpoints

The GUI enables you to activate real-time image recognition or API endpoints quicker and easier.

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Deep Detector

Deep Detector

Regular price$889 USD
  • Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson™ platform
  • Lightweight Object Recognition Model Development Tool
  • No-Code Graphical User Interface

Attach a lens → Take an image → Mark the object → Nilvana AI Starter Kit or public cloud training → Import the trained model → Start inferring!

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