Face Enrollment

Simple and Highly Integratable Face Recognition Engine

When developing facial recognition, do you feel that...

It took too much time from research to setting up the deep learning environment?

Merely handling the version compatibility issues and installing GPU drivers can take lots of efforts…

No Need to Start from Scratch, Reduced Time Cost

Start developing your own face recognition application without any machine learning expertise.

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Flexible Developing Environment

Provides complete API documentation. Intuitive interface for easy creation of facial profiles and Webhook settings.

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Always bogged down by the device and the authorization number?

"Sorry, you have reached your license limit, please contact your agent or purchase more..."

"With a high number of visits per month, the accumulated API service bill can be a significant amount."

No Limitation on Number of Visits, Device Authorization

Can be connected with any edge device for use in real-world applications.

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Designed for X86 Series

Face Enrollment is ideal for x86 series workstations and servers, giving you a great operating experience with the Face Recognition Engine.

Face Enrollment

Face Enrollment

Regular price$2,299 USD
Number of recognizable faces
  • Designed for x86 platforms
  • Face recognition engine with no need to start from scratch
  • No-code graphical user interface

Upload a face photo and create a file → Face Enrollment Face recognition engine training → Integrate with existing HR, access control systems, and company products → Integration complete.

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