People counting solution for your business.

Why you need people counting system?

Assistance in determining the optimal location

Successful site selection is one of the core competencies of a brand. Real-time monitoring of outdoor traffic data, evaluation of area popularity, and analysis of customer walking paths to help reduce the risk of decision making.

Know your customer traffic

If you have customers visiting your business location, it's essential to understand their movement patterns. Collecting and analyzing foot traffic data will let you know when customers will likely come to your store or venue.

Accurate staffing

Real-time visibility into the total number of daily customers visiting your store at any given time helps facilitate staffing scheduling and optimize cost control.

What can you get with the PEOPLE COUNTING TOOLKIT?

Accurate human flow monitoring data

Real-time statistics on the number of people in each venue and route, accurate control of foot traffic data at all times.

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Traffic flow statistical diagrams

Compiling the counting results of various periods and routes to facilitate the observation of the differences between the routes. Used to improve store layout, promotions, staffing cost, or other applications.

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Human flow statisticaldiagrams

By analyzing popular weekly peak (hours), the diagram can analyze the total flow data and sales to modify management strategy and application.

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Support NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform

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